My new album “Looking At The Same Star”, out July 2014

Daniele Turani - Looking At The Same Star


Rock instrumental with a progressive flavor.

Daniele Turani: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums programming.

Source: SoundCloud / Daniele Turani

What is cool?

Miles Davis was cool. His classic “So What” was very cool. Ronny Jordan’s acid jazz take on Miles’ “So What” was very cool indeed.

I like cool!

As “Take Five” inspired me to do “Take Six”, “So What” inspired me to do “That’s What”. Same logic applies; an outline with lots of room for manouvering, contact a bunch of awesome musicians, see what they come up with and blend and stir everything into a delightfully cool cocktail. Swing it ;-)!

“That’s What” this is!

Music: Peter Bennborn

The cool cats:
Drums: Walter Kelleher (
Bass: Vlad Josephson (
Lead guitar: Derek Cornett (
Comp guitar: Daniele Turani (
Saxophones: Joe Drzewiecki (@jomama-2)
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn

Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn

Source: SoundCloud / Peter Bennborn Project

My new sounds:

Source: SoundCloud / Daniele Turani