Ever since I found SoundCloud I have wanted to record with Italy’s Daniele Turani one of the finest guitarists I have heard here. Daniele is a true master of progressive rock and has recorded and produced several ambitious albums of superb music which I have - and you should too. Surprised Daniele with this smoother fusion composition, and he graciously approved. Check out his sweet sweet playing here on the guitar solos and rhythm. And also his fine photography on Instagram:) A pleasure Daniele. Grazi!!

Enjoy and thanks as always for listening.

Source: SoundCloud / Jamie Rhind

Uptempo, melodic instrumental rock song.
Daniele Turani: Guitar, Bass, Drums programming.

- More tracks are available on:…star/id895551123…ID=danieleturani2

- Also available my 2013 “Seven Deadly Sins” album:

Source: SoundCloud / Daniele Turani


My new album “Looking At The Same Star”, out July 2014

Daniele Turani - Looking At The Same Star


Rock instrumental with a progressive flavor.

Daniele Turani: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums programming.

Source: SoundCloud / Daniele Turani

What is cool?

Miles Davis was cool. His classic “So What” was very cool. Ronny Jordan’s acid jazz take on Miles’ “So What” was very cool indeed.

I like cool!

As “Take Five” inspired me to do “Take Six”, “So What” inspired me to do “That’s What”. Same logic applies; an outline with lots of room for manouvering, contact a bunch of awesome musicians, see what they come up with and blend and stir everything into a delightfully cool cocktail. Swing it ;-)!

“That’s What” this is!

Music: Peter Bennborn

The cool cats:
Drums: Walter Kelleher (
Bass: Vlad Josephson (
Lead guitar: Derek Cornett (
Comp guitar: Daniele Turani (
Saxophones: Joe Drzewiecki (@jomama-2)
Keys/Synths: Peter Bennborn

Mixed & Mastered: Peter Bennborn

Source: SoundCloud / Peter Bennborn Project